Update: October 6, 2011
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After You Plant:
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Your bulbs have arrived and you are about to start digging...but wait! Use scientific skills to weigh, measure, and draw your tulip bulb. Then explore and learn more about this unique plant structure. Planting your Test Garden can spur questions that lead to experiments this fall. Design and set up an experimental "what if...?" garden.

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Image of the Week
the garden planting
Photo: Davis Thayer Elem.

Look Closely
What do you notice about this planting picture?
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Explore: The Tulip Bulb

Your tulip bulbs have arrived and you're going to bury them in the garden. Before you plant them, take time to explore the bulbs.

Measure and draw your bulb. Record your observations, then find out how your bulb compares to others.

Introducing the Project with booklet and slideshow

Bulbs: The Inside Story

You have already examined your tulip bulb; weighed, measured, and cut it open. Now learn more about each part of the bulb. Use this step by step slideshow to learn how each part has a unique function for this amazing plant storage structure.

Teacher instructions

Experiment: What if...?

Questions Lead to Experiments
What variables might affect a tulip's growth? As you are planting your bulbs pointy end up, questions may arise. "What if we broke the rules and planted our bulbs upside down?"

Take time to "grow" your questions into testable experiments. Use this student journal page for your thoughts and ideas.

Inquiry Ideas for Teachers
Set the stage for questions that lead to "What if...?" experiments.

journal page
Student Journal
Tulip Map

Journey North gardens are beginning to dot the maps. Spread the word — let's put gardens across the Northern Hemisphere!

Polish up on your map reading skills. This week we will study our first weather maps. How much information can you find on a map? How can weather maps help you predict spring's arrival?

tulip map



Map Questions Handout
(North America)
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The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on November 10, 2011.