Fall 2011 Posted Thursdays:
Sept. 8, Oct. 6, Nov. 10, Dec. 8, and Jan. 5
punxsutawney garden December 8, 2011
Get ready to think about the science and folklore of weather prediction with the new Test garden in Punxsutawney! Explore the difference between weather and climate. Expand your thinking to the global climate. How might the Earth's climates affect plant growth? Share some gardens in the "Spotlight." Study temperatures across the globe in the Map Handout.
M is for microclimate November 10, 2011
M is for microclimate! Explore the essential question, "How do climate conditions affect plant growth?" Use your school yard to study microclimates created by sunlight, humidity, moisture, and wind. Then try the Microclimate Challenge. Visit some Test Gardens. Study temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere in the Map Handout questions.
bulbs October 6, 2011
Your bulbs have arrived and you are about to start digging...but wait!
Use scientific skills to weigh, measure, and draw your tulip bulbs. Then explore and learn more about this unique
plant structure. Planting your Test Garden can spur questions that lead to experiments this fall. Design and set up a experimental "what if..." garden.

September 8, 2011
Welcome to the Journey North Tulip Test Garden Study!
It’s time to plant your tulip test garden. The tulips in your test garden are tools to measure the climate of your region.Your garden results will provide scientific data about the timing of plant growth in springtime, and become part of a long-term database established in 1994. Dig in now to get ready to announce the arrival of spring 2012.

wonder poster

Welcome and Orientation
Beginning September 8, Tulip UPDATES will be posted here.

Get ready to plant your bulbs for this year's tulip project. Find out how to report your planting and track the arrival of spring on real-time maps.