Fall 2010
Posted Thursdays: Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 11, Dec. 09, and Jan. 6
wonder ring December 9, 2010
What questions do you have about your tulip garden investigations? Start a collection of your questions in a "Wonder Ring." Journey North test gardens are scattered across the Northern Hemisphere. What's the climate like in these gardens, and how will climate affect their growth? Study a temperature map. Learn how one class put their dreams and ideas into a time capsule and planted it with their tulips.
poster November 11, 2010
Tulip gardens are being planted all over the map, so this month we ask, "What are your goals for this year's tulip garden experiment?" Listen in to the goals of your fellow gardeners and set your own goals this year. Polish up on map reading to learn more about geography and climate. Find a gardening partner. Take the microclimate challenge. Then, share planting across the globe!
observe October 7, 2010
Your tulips have arrived and you are about to start digging...but wait! What are these things called bulbs? This month we'll explore the tulip bulb and think about designing experiments to answer questions that begin with these words, "What if..." Look closely at some weather maps to answer this, "What do temperature maps tell us?" We will also peek at a Massachusetts classroom on their planting day. Photo credit: Hepburn-Lycoming Elementary
update 090910 September 9, 2010
Welcome to Journey North's Tulip Test Garden Climate Study! Kick off the season with an introductory video and slideshow to explain what it’s all about. Then head outdoors to explore the schoolyard and choose a site that best represents your local climate. Print a take-home letter to invite families and friends to join the experiment. Finally, explore tips to help you organize your Journey North garden study this year.

Welcome and Orientation
Beginning September 9, Tulip UPDATES will be posted here.

Get ready to plant your bulbs for this year's tulip project. Find out how to report your planting and track the arrival of spring on real-time maps.