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Tulip Garden Update: November 3, 2006

Today's Report Includes:

178 and Counting
View across the ocean

Journey North gardeners have been busy digging and planting! Study the map. How is it different from last month? It seems most of the gardens are in the Northern states and Canada. What factors might lead to this phenomenon?

  • Today's Data >>

There is one garden in CA planted on 10/30/06. Why would they be planting this far south instead of following the planting directions for warmer climates? Can you solve the mystery?

Is there a pattern of gardens planted so far. What latitudes do they all lie between? Using what you know about geography, why do you think the first gardens of the season have been planted in these locations?

Global Garden Partners – How do We Compare?
What do we know about the others participating in this big experiment?
Did you know...
  • In Barre, VT it was snowing when they planted their tulips but they did jumping jacks to keep warm?
  • Gardeners at Morse Street School in Freeport, ME planted a time-capsule of letters along with their tulips?
  • Kindergartners at Bethlehem Children's School cut some tulips in half and planted them?
  • At Mountainview Elementary in Sydney, Nova Scotia 17 Grade One-A students planted 17 tulip bulbs on Oct.17th?
  • A homeschooler and her mom planted 100 Red Emperors and 5,900 other bulbs because they were inspired by the Tulip Garden Study!
  • We have a garden located in a group of islands off the NE coast of Sardinia?

Wouldn’t it be fun to share information with other gardeners?
Look closely at the garden locations to find some that would be interesting to investigate. After you have planted your Journey North garden, why not choose a "Partner Garden" somewhere else in the northern hemisphere to share with? Learn about how the seasons change in your partner garden; about their winters and their first signs of spring. Compare weather, and predict whose tulips will emerge first and why.

Try this lesson with printable journal pages to get you going. >>

Get a head-start by finding out when tulips bloom where you live. How many types of information sources can you use to find out? As a class, come together and review the information you collect. Is there a date everyone agrees upon? Share this with your Partner Garden.

Springtime and Place on the Globe
This month as we watch the map fill with tulip garden sites we can begin to think about spring’s arrival. Here are some questions to get you started.
What’s YOUR latitude? At this distance from the equator will spring arrive to all the gardens at the same time? Play around with the tulip map and make a list of other gardens at or near your latitude.

Try This!
The garden in La Maddalena, Italy is located at 41.16 N latitude. Other gardens located at about this latitude include Hyrum, UT; Lagrange, WY; Van Meter, IA; Fort Wayne, IN; and West Yarmouth, MA.
Here’s the challenge: Will all these gardens bloom at the same time? If not, what will the bloom order be?

Now try this with other gardens at your latitude. Keep a record of your predictions in your Tulip Garden Journal >>

Spotlight on Classrooms Across the Ocean

Welcome Derbyshire!

“ Hello from everyone at The Long Eaton School in Derbyshire, England. We are on the border of Nottingham and Derbyshire - with a Nottinghamshire post reference. We have just over 1300 students at our school - and we were the first school in Derbyshire to gain ECO School Status."

Find our British gardeners’ site on the Journey North tulip map. Their school belongs to a group of schools with ECO (Ecological Community Oriented) status. What can you find out about Derbyshire? Is the geography and climate similar to yours?

Vogelweh Elementary students on planting day

Welcome Back Kaiserslautern!

“ We planted our test garden, plus 250 mixed tulips today (11/01/06) at Vogelweh Elementary School in Kaiserslautern Germany. The weather was cold and windy, with temperatures in the low 50s. Here are a couple of pictures (see Web). Fifth graders planted our test garden of 10 Red Emperors, but students from K-5 planted mixed tulips in the letters VES, our school's initials.”

Students at this school are Americans living in Germany. Their families are serving in the US Armed Services.

Garlough Gets into Gardening

Garlough Elementary started off their year implementing an all-school environmental curriculum. Their theme as they kick off their new Magnet status is, “into the woods.”

Last month every single student planted a tulip and sent a Symbolic Monarchs to Mexico all in one fun filled autumn day.

  • Share in their celebration with a look at the festivities: >>

Eagle View Elementary Celebrates Planting
Eagle View students on planting day.

Eagle View Nature Center provides tremendous resources for the students in Pequot Lakes, MN. They planted 1,200 tulip bulbs this fall for a total of 3,000 tulips bulbs in past 3 years. The school garden also grew close to 600 different varieties of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. Their fall harvest sale was so successful they sold out in 30 minutes! They shared some of their fun in pictures.

Take a look! >>

Teachers' Guide
The suggestions in this guide are provided to help teachers integrate Journey North's program in the classroom.

The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on December 1, 2006.

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