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Tulip Garden Update: October 6, 2006

Today's Report Includes:

25 and Counting

Gardeners are digging in! The first 25 Journey North gardens have been planted. Polish up on your map reading skills. What can you say about them?

  • Today's Data >>

Is there a pattern of gardens planted so far. What latitudes do they all lie between? Using what you know about geography, why do you think the first gardens of the season have been planted in these locations?

Latitude/Longitude: Think About It

Just like there are no 2 people in the world that are the same, there are also no 2 places the same. Did you know that every place on the Earth has an address? Using this address you can figure out how far north or south, east or west any of the gardens in the study is compared to your own garden. What do you call these addresses? LATITUDE and LONGITUDE!

Try This: Test Your Skills
Study the latitude and longitude coordinates of 6 gardens already planted. Using your own garden coordinates compare them to your location. Use these skills throughout the year to help you predict spring’s arrival around the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Latitude, Longitude: Test Your Skills >>

Science Begins with Observation

" What ARE these things we're using to gauge spring's arrival?"

Your tulip bulbs have arrived and you're about to bury them underground. But before you start digging, take a closer look.

A bulb is an amazing package of living material. Grab a bulb and roll up your sleeves. Explore these specialized plants with all your senses.

  • Observing Bulbs Outside and In >>

Wash your hands! Your bulbs may be coated with a fungicide.

  • More on the importance of safety when handling the bulbs >>

Read All About It
Build background about these small packages called bulbs. Are they all alike? What do they look like inside and out? Explore these questions and more together as you read this compact, printable booklet. Read the same information in slide show format on the Web.

  • Printable Booklet >>
  • Slide Show >>

After Planting Official Garden: What if…
When students plant tulips according to Journey North's rules questions are bound to arise. Student gardeners are exploring their options and wondering what might happen if…

In Schenectady, NY:
The kindergarten class at Bethlehem Children's School has planted their tulips. They also planted some experimental bulbs in different places, and at different depths. One child planted half of a bulb to see what would happen.

And in Anchorage, AK:
A group of about 150 kids ages kindergarten to 6th grade planted 450 bulbs in several places on our school property. We planted the bulk of them in "ideal" garden spot, but put others in different areas to compare what will happen.

Here’s a handy lesson and worksheet to use as a springboard for YOUR experimental gardens:

  • Planting Experimental Journey North Gardens >>

Map Pointers: Watching Far Away Gardens
view Europe

Get ready to predict spring’s arrival in far away locations this spring. Eager students are planning gardens across the Ocean!

Prepare to track the wave of spring using the Journey North map server.
Many maps are hiding within the Journey North map server! Learn to navigate the maps using the special frame arrows so you can visit all over the globe.

  • Map Pointers: Finding Far Away Places >>

How to Report to Journey North
Report Your Sightings
The Owl button
As soon as you plant YOUR garden, be sure to let us know! In next month's update, we expect to have many garden locations to report to you.
Simply press the "Owl" button, enter your registration email address and report from your garden planted. Wait 5 minutes then refresh the map page to see your site pop up on the map.

Never reported before? Try a Practice Report first. >>

Coming Next Month
As new gardeners report in we will take a closer look at geography and the art of predicting spring’s arrival in gardens around the Northern Hemisphere.

Teachers' Guide
The suggestions in this guide are provided to help teachers integrate Journey North's program in the classroom.

The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on November 3, 2006.

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