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Tulip Garden Update: January 5, 2007
The map is filling up with gardens. Warmer than average temperatures are being recorded across the continent and our first gardens have emerged! What is in store for the spring of 2007? Check out our weather maps and predict when spring will arrive in your garden. Spring is right around the corner in some of the Journey North gardens.

tulip_force7 Tulip Garden Update: December 1, 2006
Busy classrooms have taken up shovels to plant an additional 170 gardens since Nov.3! When will it be too cold to plant? Study the first weather map for clues. Ever wonder what is happening, temperature-wise, underground? Learn about testable questions and set up your own temperature experiments. While waiting for spring to arrive, you can coax some bulbs to make an early appearance in your classroom. Learn how. And don’t forget there are gardeners waiting for partners.
GarloughTulip06_27 Tulip Garden Update: November 3, 2006
A quick look at the map tells us gardeners across the map are digging in and joining the International Tulip Garden Study. Look closely at the garden locations and find some that you would like to investigate. Choose a partner garden, then sharpen your geography skills and cast your predictions about when they will bloom. And sneak a peek at some of the many interesting schools we have participating this year.
find Europe Tulip Garden Update: October 6, 2006
The first 25 gardens have been planted! Learn more about latitude and longitude. How do other garden coordinates compare with ours? Examine the amazing little plant package called the bulb. Read together as you explore. Plan and plant an experimental garden using our guide. And, learn more about using our fantastic map server.

Tulip Garden Update: September 8, 2006
Welcome to the Tulip Garden study! Find out about this big experiment in your own printable booklet. If you’re new to the study you can view a short video clip. It’s time to dig in and choose your site for this year’s garden. Grab your journal and handy checklists to help you learn more about your school yard. Get organized and ready to participate this year to proclaim spring’s arrival in your school.

Welcome and Orientation
Beginning September 8, Tulip UPDATES will be posted here.

Get ready to plant your bulbs for this year's tulip project. Find out how to report your planting and track the arrival of spring on real-time maps. >>