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Tulip Garden Update: October 7, 2005

Today's Report Includes:

16 and Counting
Where will your garden be?
Gardeners are digging in! The first Journey North gardens have been planted.
Polish up on your map reading skills.
Look at the pattern of gardens planted so far.
  • What latitudes do they all lie between?
  • Using what you know about geography, why do you think the first gardens of the season have been planted in these locations?
  • This Week's Data (Reported Sept. 9 - Oct. 7, 2006)

Come and See!
We've just redesigned the Journey North tulip garden lessons to make the project simpler for teachers.
Be sure to check it out!

Annual Microclimate Challenge
If you're looking for ideas for an Experimental Garden, why not try your skills at our Annual Microclimate Challenge?
Here's the challenge: Cause two tulip bulbs to bloom as many days apart as possible.

First learn more about microclimates: Download and print your own Microclimate Challenge booklets to help build reading skills and support standards.

Then look around your schoolyard. Consider everything that could affect your bulb, from the moment you put it in the ground. Where is the sun? Are some areas more protected? Are any places wide open? Explore the possibilities and then set up your experiment. Then find two areas whose microclimates are as different as possible. Find places where climatic differences are the most extreme.

Take the Challenge!

Challenge Question #2:
" Where did you plant your two "Experimental Journey North Gardens" for the Microclimate Challenge? Describe your experiment, and explain why you chose the sites that you did. Finally, predict how many days there will be between the blooming of tulips at your two sites."

Spotlight on the Classroom
Here is a puzzler for you: Where is this Mystery Garden site?
Share this journal entry and photographs from a Journey North gardener. How do YOUR temperatures, daylength and other signs of fall compare with this Mystery Garden site?
Read the entry carefully and study the photos for clues.

The Next Tulip Garden Update Will be Posted on November 4, 2005.

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