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Tulip Garden Update: January 6, 2006

Today's Report Includes:

Tulip Garden Data
Today's Tulip Garden Map
Seeing RED? How much warner (from normal) was it at your garden site?
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map.
By now all tulip bulbs are planted in their beds 7 inches below ground. How much protection from the cold is there 7 inches down? Try a simple soil temperature experiment this winter to find out!

How do weather and climate affect the arrival of spring? This could be a great year to compare your tulip data to past data. Will warmer winter temperatures bring about an earlier springtime? Study this map showing the departure from normal temperatures in the US from 12/25/05 to 12/31/05.

Can you find your garden site on this map? How would you describe the temperatures in your home town?
What do you predict for springtime in your home town?


Forget to Report?

Don't forget to report when you have PLANTED your Journey North Garden.

Have you forgotten to report your garden planted? There is still time to get your data into the experiment!

Simply press the "Owl" button to report from your site.Wait 5 minutes then refresh the map page to see your site pop up on the map. (From the same button, you can also "Go to the Sightings Database" and read comments from all gardeners.)

This is the FINAL Tulip Garden Update for Fall 2005.
Join us for Spring 2006! Our first Update is February 3, 2006.

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