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Fall 2005
Journey South News will be posted on
Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 2, Jan. 6

Tulip Garden Update: January 6, 2006
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map.
By now all tulip bulbs are planted in their beds 7 inches below ground. How much protection from the cold is there 7 inches down? Try a simple soil temperature experiment this winter to find out!
Tulip Garden Update: December 2, 2005
Gardeners are digging in with a record number of gardens planted since our last update. Start some research in your own backyard (hint: you need a soil thermometer). Print and use an easy JN journal. Study our interactive map and then play some Hide and Seek. And a challenging question about our European gardens.
tulip_MplsPk_13 Tulip Garden Update: November 4, 2005
November brings a map showing over 170 tulip gardens planted. Study our maps to explain the fast-paced planting the past few weeks. Does it matter when you plant your bulbs? Test your theories with our Alaskan gardens this year. Looking for a classroom to share with? Find a Global Partner this month. Visit an outdoor classroom as they plant a garden for a neighborhood to enjoy.

Tulip Garden Update: October 7, 2005
The first Journey North gardens have been planted! Check out our newly redesigned lessons making it simpler for teachers. Think like a scientist, grab your shovel and take the Microclimate Challenge: Can you cause 2 bulbs to bloom at different times? The spotlight’s on a mystery garden. Where is it?
tulip_bulb06 Tulip Garden Update: September 9, 2005
Welcome to Journey North! This fall, plant a Journey North Garden to proclaim the official arrival of spring in your community. Today’s update shares great ideas for getting started with an investigation about plants and seasonal change. YOU play a key role by sharing when your tulips emerge and bloom.



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