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almost blooming
Gail Henderson
Spring 2015: January 8 - May 15

Springtime events occur at different times in different places across the globe. This spring, create your garden profile, make observations, report findings, and simultaneously watch the wave of spring as it moves across the globe.

washington bulbs
Kelly Fitzpatrick
March 6, 2015
Few gardens emerged this first week in March. Next week's warm-up should bring a flood of green to the maps.
recording in the garden
Debra Templin
February 27, 2015
With more snow and cold on the way, will gardens emerge on schedule?
recording in the garden
February 20, 2015
The first garden bloomed this week while snow and cold continued to blast across North America.
recording in the garden
Ina Mogenson
February 13, 2015
The map is speckled green with emerging gardens. Look for a pattern and predict which gardens will be the next to turn green.
emerging garden
Donna S. Hillcrest Elementary
February 6, 2015
The first tulips of 2015 have emerged. Find this early-growing garden on the map. Predict where tulips will be sprouting next.
Students with their bulbs before planting
Elena Grigorouk

January 8, 2015
Get ready to track the greening of spring! Gather your observations, questions, data, and garden profiles all together in a journal.

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Teri Bickmore

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