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Ansiel Academy Homeschool: Pella, Iowa

This is our first year participating in the Tulip Test Garden portion of Journey North! We have just moved to Pella, Iowa.

Once a week on Tulip Tuesdays we plan to fill out the recording sheet for our tulip garden. This will include counting the number of tulips growing, measuring the height of the tallest stems, drawing a picture of the garden, recording our data and asking questions about what will happen next!

March 20: How perfect that our tulips showed forth their buds with red tips on the First Day of Spring! Today we counted 47 tulips emerged, and 25 buds that are visible. About half of the buds have red tips. The plants range from 12-14 cm tall. They have 3-6 leaves per plant. It cooled off a little bit this week, and we've had some thunderstorms. Yesterday we got a lot of rain! Today it is 64 degrees Fahrenheit at noon!
-Melissa Ansiel

viewing lesson measuring recording
in bud measuring


journal gardeners

Photo credit: Melissa Ansiel