Citizen Science
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You're a Citizen Scientist
Citizen science involves everyday people in the process of scientific research. Planting tulip bulbs in a Journey North test garden is your first step in a scientific study of plants, climate, and the seasons.

Sharing Observations
Tulips emerge and bloom at hundreds of garden sites across the Northern Hemisphere. Citizen science expands the possibilities for research.

Why is Journey North's Study Important?
Garden observations and data help us understand connections between climate and plant growth. This information reveals how climate can affect living things throughout the ecosystem.

Collecting Historical Records
Journey North keeps garden observations in a permanent database. With longterm data, important scientific questions can be explored: What patterns do the data reveal? Are variations normal? Do they reveal a trend?

Start a Tradition
Collect a set of historical records for your school. Future students can add to the data and continue to make discoveries.

Welcome to the Team!
Each observer provides a piece of the puzzle. What discoveries will you make this year as part of Journey North's team of citizen scientists?