Using Maps as Tools
Predicting When Your Garden Will Emerge

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Treasure Chests
Maps are like treasure chests; they are filled with jewels of information about climate, geography, weather, temperature and historical data.

Flat Maps
Most maps we see are two-dimensional. The map below represents the Earth globe on a flat surface. How do you think this map could be used to reveal information about test gardens?

Earth in Space
This is our Earth shown in a photogtaph taken from an orbiting satellite. What information could this type of map reveal?

Colorful Bands
What do the bands of color on this map reveal?

Collections of Information
Maps can show information, or data, collected over time. What information does this map reveal?

Tools for Predicting
Gather a variety of maps and learn to use them. Each map gives us a piece of the puzzle for predicting when gardens will emerge and bloom.