Explore Tulip Bulbs: Inside and Out

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Got Bulbs?
Your tulip bulbs have arrived and you're going to bury them in the garden. But wait! What's a bulb? Let's take a look.

Looking for Clues
You may never have seen a tulip bulb before. Hold one and examine it. How does it feel? How would you describe what it looks like?

Scientific Observations
Your bulb is unique. Measure your bulb and draw a picture of it. Compare it with others from the bag.

What's Inside?
Carefully cut open a bulb and look inside. Use a magnifying glass if you can. What do you see?

A Closer Look
Here is a tulip bulb cut in cross section. Does yours look like this? A bulb contains everything it needs for winter survival and spring growth. As a scientist, explore your bulb and predict what its parts will become.

Keep Exploring
Your bulb will grow underground this winter. In the springtime it will become a beautiful tulip plant with with a big red flower!