Exploring Conditions That Affect Plant Growth
True or False Anticipation Guide

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________ Every area around our school has the same temperature.

________ Some places around our school will get more sun than other spots.

________ Sunny spots will be cooler than shaded areas.

________ North-facing slopes receive more direct sunlight than south-facing ones.

________ Plants need protection from strong winds.

________ All soil is the same.

________ Flowers bloom wherever they are planted.

________ A sunnier garden will need more water than a shadier garden.

________ Garden microclimate refers to the unique conditions in that area.

________ Surrounding buildings can affect the microclimate of a garden.

________ Where bulbs are planted will affect when tulips will emerge and bloom.

________ Plants grow better in places where lots of kids play.

________ A garden grows best under a shade tree.