When Does Spring Reach Your Hometown?

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Spring's Timing
Spring arrives at different times in different places around the globe. Look at the map. When does spring reach your hometown? In which states or provinces do you think spring arrives first?

Signs of Spring
Hundreds of kids across the Northern Hemisphere are conducting an experiment to predict and measure spring's arrival. Guess how they will measure the arrival of spring.

Tulips as Tools
Kids take part in an international experiment. They plant tulip gardens to document when spring arrives. All Journey North tulip gardens are planted in the same way to yield scientific results.

Watching and Waiting
Students monitor the garden carefully throughout the winter. In the spring when tulips emerge from the ground kids report the news to Journey North.

The Garden Data is Important
While student scientists use tulips as tools for watching spring unfold, they are contributing to a wealth of information. The long-term data from Journey North test garden sites may help reveal evidence of climate change in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mapping the Timing of Spring
When students observe and report an event in their garden — planting, emergence, or bloom — a dot appears on a special map. They use the maps to analyze data from gardens across the Northern Hemisphere.

Dig In!
Plant a Journey North tulip Test Garden this fall! Connect with gardens around the globe and predict when spring will reach each place. Follow the news updates and watch the maps to see what happens.

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