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WHAT to Plant: Red Emperor Tulips
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All Journey North gardens must be planted with RED EMPEROR tulips. Different tulip varieties bloom at different times. Red Emperor tulips are an early-blooming variety. They were selected because they are easy to find in most areas and are easy to grow. Since Journey North will announce the first tulips to bloom in the spring, an early-blooming variety was needed.

Red Emperor Tulips

Order RED EMPEROR Tulip Bulbs
Purchase only Red Emperor tulips for your Tulip Test Garden; any other variety would compromise the scientific value of this project. Purchase new bulbs in your community if you can find them. At least a dozen new tulip bulbs should be planted each fall for your official tulip test garden. If unavailable locally, purchase online:

Can we use this year's bulbs again next year?
Unfortunately, no. Order new bulbs EVERY YEAR. Too many variables affect tulip growth in the second year. Controlling variables is essential for reliable data.