Risky Weather
Will Spring Tulips Survive?

In many parts of the country, spring weather is hard to predict. Tulips sometimes face tough conditions!

1. Look closely at these tulip photos. (Click for larger pictures.)

Photo Credits (2 right photos): Suzanne DeJohn
  • What do you notice?
  • What do you think might happen to the tulip plants? Why?
2. Read what some students in Michigan had to say one year:

"Our tulips emerged to beautiful sunny weather in the 80s and within a week we had freezing temperatures and snow."

  • What do you think happened to their tulips? Why?
3. Observe what happens in your garden once your tulips have emerged from the ground. (Also read about other school gardens in Journey North news updates.)
  • Does the temperature drop below freezing?
  • Is there a frost or freeze?
  • Does snow fall on the leaves, buds, or flowers?
4. Draw a picture and describe in words what your tulip plants looked like the morning after any of those things happened. Draw another picture a week later.
  • How would you explain what happened?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What did you learn about tulips' ability to survive?

Try This!
  • Find out what scientists think! >>
  • Visit slide show: Tulip Bulbs: A Survival Tale >>
    ( How does it help you answer this last question?)