"Official" Tulip Gardens: Which Spot is Best?

Does your garden site meet the rules for "Official" Journey North Tulip Gardens? Use this checklist for each spot you selected:

  1. For each rule below, check off yes (the site fits) or no (the site doesn't fit).
  2. Add up the number of checkmarks in each column.
  3. The garden site with the most checkmarks in the YES column is the best choice!



Has full sun most of the day


Not on a slope that faces south


The air temperature in the afternoon is close to the day's high for our town


Is at least 15 feet from a building


Is away from sunny pavement


Is not in an enclosed courtyard


Soil is loose and workable
(Can dig down 8 inches with a shovel)


Water doesn't puddle on soil after it rains


Is safe from getting walked on