Garden Site Selection Checklist

Does your garden site meet the rules (protocol) for a Journey North Test Garden? Use this checklist for each site you selected. For each variable put a number from 0 (doesn't meet criteria) to 3 (meets criteria). Total each column. The site with the highest "score" is best for your Journey North Garden.

Possible Planting Sites


Good exposure to sun.


Not in full shade.


Slope does not face south.


Air temperature matches average for our town.


Away from foundation of building.
(At least 15 feet)


Away from sunny pavement.


Not in an enclosed courtyard.


(Can dig down 8" with a shovel)


Well Drained
(Water does not form a puddle after a rain)

Other Considerations      

Safe from foot traffic & other interference.




Safe from predators.


Safe from salt (or other chemical) run-off.


Safe from extra snow piled in this area.


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