Planting Your Journey North Tulip Garden:
All in a Morning’s Work!

tulipKust02_003We thought you might like to come along with us and visit Mr.Dave Kust’s fourth grade classroom in Minneapolis, MN to see just how an enthusiastic Journey North classroom might manage the tulip project on planting day.

On an unseasonable chilly morning in mid-October the students came to class armed and ready with science notebooks, garden trowels and tulip bulbs. The triple-beam balances stood at the ready along with rulers and string, and each bulb was accurately measured for the record. Even the garden plot had been turned over thanks to some help earlier in the week.

Because we started early in the day, all our energy and excitement was focused on the task at hand and we accomplished everything- weighing, measuring, recording, drawing, predicting, graphing, digging and planting -in just over 2 and a half hours!

Tulips planted. Students recording information in their journals.

Here was the morning schedule:

9:00 AM Bulb Experiments:
Weigh Bulbs Calibrate triple beam balance
Weigh bulb, in grams
Measure Circumference Measure in mm
Make Predictions Use comparisons
Sketch Into Science Notebooks
10:00 AM Plant Outside
Label your bulb Place at bulb spot
Draw a Map Show where yours is
10:45 AM
Snack and Discussion 1. Graph bulb weight (class) and circumference
2. Calculate mean, median and range of each
11:15 AM
Discussions Experiments (“What If”s)

Take a peek at some of the highlights from this productive morning: