Example from Massachusetts
The 1st Annual Microclimate Challenge

Mrs. Dempsey's Second Grade Class at Dunning School in Framingham, Massachusetts are testing the sunniest and shadiest sites they could find:

  • We planted our control group over fifteen feet from outside the building, in a sunny spot. It was 78 degrees there that day.
  • Then we planted a group in the shadiest spot in a corner near the building in the courtyard. It was 60 degrees there.
  • The other micro climate comparison group was planted in a sunny spot, 15 feet from the building, inside the courtyard. It was 78 degrees in that spot at the time.

Last year, our class also noticed a 20 degree difference in parts of the courtyard. This year we decided to experiment with sun and shade. Some children think the ones planted in deep shade will not grow at all.