Seasons and Cycles:
Celebrate the Solstice

The first day of winter is coming! What date is this year's solstice? In the Northern hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year. We also call this day the winter solstice – and some say it is a day when the sun seems to stand still in the sky. For many people this is a welcome day because afterwards they can watch the days lengthen, bringing spring!
Ancient people make huge bonfires on this day to encourage the sun to shine throughout the long winter months. You can honor the solstice this way, too. Ask your parents if you can have an outdoor fire, or one in the fireplace indoors. You could also celebrate with candles at the dinner table.

Draw up close to the fire and read winter stories or poems.

  • Winter from The Four Seasons, by Jack Prelutsky
  • The Guest from Owl at Home, by Arnold Lobel
  • I Heard a Bird Sing, by Oliver Herford

Winter is full of wonders!