Volunteers Needed!
Journey North Gardens in Every Capital City

Capital cities for USA
Capital cities for Canada

Here's a great way to learn the capitals AND watch the greening of spring as it advances across North America.

The maps at the right show the location of each capital city in the USA and Canada. Our goal is to have a Journey North garden in every capital city.

Volunteers are Needed!
As the planting season starts we need volunteers in the capitals to particitate in this experiment. Can you help? Do you know a friend, colleague, grandparent, or other relative who lives in a capital city? Please ask if they'd be willing to participate.

Track the Greening of Spring While Learning the Capitals
Get ready to track spring's arrival in capital cities across the USA and Canada. Print your own study sheets and practice locating all of the capital cities. Use the maps above and this list of capital cities:

Teacher Tip: Learning the Capitals
Teachers of excellence use a variety of instructional strategies and resources to respond to students' diverse needs. This year, combine this Social Studies standard with the Journey North Capital City Gardens project to better your understanding of the greening of spring across North America.