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Ordering Information for Red Emperor Tulip Bulbs
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This is a scientific experiment so all Journey North gardens must be planted with NEW Red Emperor tulip bulbs. Try purchasing bulbs in your community. If unavailable locally, purchase through a supplier. A few are listed below.

Bulb Supplier Information

United States

Netherland Bulb Company
Journey North tulip Test Garden participants receive a 20% discount on orders.

Bulk Purchase Price:
For 50 Bulbs: $20.00 - 20% = $16.00 *
For 100 Bulbs: $35.00 - 20% = $28.00 *

Shipping Charge: $8.95 minimum *
US Order Deadline: October 31, 2013

* Important Notes About Prices:

NEW: Be sure to inform Netherland that you are planting tulips for Journey North. Netherland offers to waive the $15 surcharge for all Journey North orders. Use the comment section of the order form to let them know, or call to place orders between 9AM and 5PM (EST).

This special bulb price is only available when purchasing bulbs in multiples of 50 bulbs. At this rate, the price per bulb is about 25 cents. The $8.95 shipping charge is a minimum--shipping charges on larger orders, i.e. for several sets of 50 bulbs, may be calculated at 14% of the subtotal of your order.

This service is available for U.S. residents only. Unfortunately, Netherland Bulb Company cannot ship outside the United States. (See above for those sources.)

How to Order
Order Online
At checkout there will be a place for shipping comments: mention you are participating in Journey North and you will receive a 20% discount on your bulb order and the surcharge will be waived.

Call 1-800-78-TULIP (1-800-788-8547) and let them know you'll be planting a Journey North garden. Specify that you need Red Emperor Tulip Bulbs (Item # 9018).

For More Information Contact:
Antoinette Langeveld
Netherland Bulb Company
13 McFadden Road
Easton, PA 18045


Use the search option of their web site to find and order your Red Emperor tulips.

Prices and Shipping
Bulb Prices *
25 bulbs for $9.50 (Canadian)
50 bulbs for $19.00 (Canadian)
100 bulbs for $34.80 (Canadian)
 Shipping Info
All shipping is through Canadian Post. Shipping costs vary according to weight and destination.
* Order by September 1st for a 10% discount.

How to Order
Order Your Red Emperor bulbs online at flowerbulbsrus.com, or

  • By Phone: 1-888-890-0936 (within Canada)

Email: flowerbulbsrus@hotmail.com

Mail the necessary paperwork to:
370 Britannia Road East, Unit 7
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1X9

Botanus, Inc.
The Red Emperor tulip is a Fosteriana-type of early blooming tulip. It is listed as "Red Emperor Fosteriana Tulip" in their online catalog.

Prices and Shipping
Bulb Prices
10 bulbs for $9.50 (Canadian)
20 bulbs for $18.25 - 4% disc. (Canadian)
50 bulbs for $42.75 - 10% disc. (Canadian)
100 bulbs for $89.50 - 10% disc. (Canadian)
 Shipping Info
Mimimum order $10 (including tax)
Orders $10 to $40 -- $7.95
Orders $40.01 to $60.00 -- $9.95
Orders $60.01 to $80.00 -- $10.95
Orders $80.01 to $100.00 -- $12.95
Orders $100.01 to $150.00 -- $14.95
Orders over $150.00 --12% of total order

How to Order
Order Your Red Emperor bulbs online at Botanus, Inc., or

  • By Phone: 1-800-672-3413 (within Canada)
  • By Fax: 1-800-603-3677 (within Canada)
  • Local Telephone: 604-513-0100
  • Local Fax: 604-513-0192

Email: orders@botanus.com

Mail the necessary paperwork to Botanus Inc.
Botanus Inc
PO Box 3184
Langley BC V3A 4R5

United Kingdom

The Bulb Nursery
UK residents can order Red Emperor tulip bulbs online at The Bulb Nursery.

Address for correspondance:
The BULB Nursery
Little Eden
St Austell
PL26 8YU


Unwins Co.
UK residents can order Red Emperor tulip bulbs online at Uwins Co.

How to Order

  • Phone 0844 573 8400
  • By Mail:
    Unwins Co.
    Alconbury Hills
    PE28 4HY

Fleurtiek Amsterdam B.V.
This company's Web site is written in Dutch. For questions you may contact Mr. Vrolijk using the address below.

How to Order
By Phone: +31 20 6592101
By Fax: +31 20 6599083
Email: info@fleurtiek.nl

The operator will need the following information:

Contact Name
Billing Address:
Shipping Address:
Quantity of bulbs requesting
Credit Card # and Expiration Date
P.O. #
(Mail or FAX the necessary paperwork Fleurtiek Amsterdam B.V. )

For More Information Contact:
Fleurtiek Amsterdam B.V.
The Netherlands
Email: info@fleurtiek.nl

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