Tulips and Georgia O'Keeffe: Focusing on the Details

Helen Pappas and Jenni Johns of Albuquerque, NM extended the Tulip study to include artistic expression. Read on to catch the art-bug as they share their excitement!

"We were so enchanted with the Journey North activity, "Focusing on the Details with O’Keeffe" that we planned a special field trip and art project in conjunction with the blossoming of our Emperor tulips. Since we are fortunate enough to live in the region of the country that inspired many of O’Keefe’s works of art, we went to Santa Fe to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. You may not know that Georgia O’Keeffe is the only woman artist in the United States that has an entire museum dedicated to her work. We were fortunate to be able to see many of her larger-than-life flower paintings and learned how she used color to draw the eye to the center of the blossom. We also saw her trademark skull and flower pieces, early sketches, and many other famous paintings of New Mexico landscapes. One student took a close-up photograph of his tulip when it bloomed and used it as a model for his O’Keefe style tulip painting.

Other students used pansies, morning glories, and sunflowers, while some of the boys especially enjoyed creating pictures with a skull. The pictures were beautiful and when they were complete, were framed and wrapped in flowered paper for students to present to their moms on Mother’s Day. Thank you for a wonderful idea and a great year with Journey North! - Helen Pappas’ Class in Albuquerque, New Mexico.