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Journey North for Kids (videos and booklets)/Preschool

Hope D'Avino-Jennings
3-4 year olds
Child Development Center (Bergen Community College)
Paramus, New Jersey

Keeping Monarch Migration Alive
Using the Journey North for Kids videos and booklets have helped me keep the Symbolic Monarch Migration "alive" throughout the entire school year. This is essential for this project to have meaning for them.

Video Choices
I use the videos in sequence during the months they seem most appropriate. Here are some examples:

  • After our symbolic monarchs are sent, I show the video of the sanctuary symbolic monarch display.
  • During a unit on "animals in winter" I will show the Journey North for Kids photos that depict a walk in the monarch forest.
  • During a unit on farming I will show a video from the sanctuary region.
  • When the children decided to raise money to "Plant more trees for the monarchs" I showed a video from Journey North depicting children planting trees.
  • When we find monarchs in the fall or are raising monarchs in the spring, I use the video of the monarch life cycle.

I also send links to theme home to parents so students can share them with their families at home. This is a wonderful way to enhance the home/school connection.

I also print out The Magic of Butterfly Migration booklet for each child to bring home. At the end of the year we create our own booklets using digital pictures of our monarchs and our garden.

If you have tips you'd like to share, please write to Journey North via our
feedback form.