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Children who live near the monarch reserves in Mexico welcome the butterflies every winter, but they rarely experience what so many children in the United States and Canada do—caterpillars growing, eating milkweed, turning into chrysalides and emerging as adult monarch butterflies.

The book Monarch! Come Play with Me tells the story of the monarch life cycle from a child's point of view. This is an opportunity to send the Spanish version of the book to a classroom in Mexico and share your monarch experience with them. In appreciation, a bookplate with your name will be attached to the inside cover.

Last year we sent 50 copies of the Spanish version to students in Mexico. Join us to send 50 more this year.

Books for students in Mexico
Students near Mexico's Monarch Butterfly sanctuaries receiving books.

Image: Monarchs Across Georgia

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About This Project
The Mexico Book Project was established in 2004 by Monarchs Across Georgia (MAG) as a literacy effort for the schools that surround the Mexican overwintering sanctuaries. Initially, Georgia teachers traveled to the monarch region and gave books to the classrooms they visited. In recent years, the books from Georgia have been delivered by Journey North's Estela Romero to the same classrooms participating in the Symbolic Migration. This year, the project expands as Journey North and publisher Bas Relief LLC join MAG's Mexico's Book Project. MAG is a committee of the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia (EEA).

Books for students in Mexico Books for students in Mexico


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