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Symbolic Monarch Examples

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Lexington bfly Lexington Lexington
Gene Brown Elementary School
Hendersonville, TN
Lincoln School
Lincoln, MA
Bridge School
Lexington, MA
Clarksburg C-2 School
Clarksburg, MO
Lexington Lexington Neenah Lexington
Lakeland Elementary School
Elk Rapids, MI
  St. Gabriel Elementary
Neenah, WI
Dorr School
Toledo, OH
Lexington DellRapids Lexington Lexington
Reynolds Lane Jr Master Gardeners, Brettell Class
Jacksonville, FL
Dell Rapids Elementary
Dell Rapids, SD
Nottawasaga & Creemore Primary
Creemore, ON
St. Ambrose School
Anderson, IN
Lexington Lexington LasVegas Lexington
Benton Heights Elementary
Monroe, NC
Lakeland Elementary School
Elk Rapids, MI
Kitty Ward Elementary
Las Vegas, NV
Brownie-Girl Scout Troop 2330
Great Falls, VA
Lexington butterfly! butterfly butterfly
Blairstown Elementary School
Blairstown, NJ
Sunnyside Elem.
Bedford, Nova Scotia
Congressional Schools
Falls Church, Virginia
Seven Generations
Emmaus, Pennsylvania

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