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Answers from the Students in Mexico Spring 2014
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Dear Friends,
All of the children I interviewed this year have a deep connection to Angangueo and the Monarchs. Each child has a different story and background. Let me introduce them:

  • First I visited Esmeralda (10) and Valeria (5), who both live with their parents in the Palo Amarillo community, 3 kilometers from  the Sierra Chincua Sanctuary.
  • Next, while walking around town, I met Luz Arelia (12), Lupita (10), Vianney (9), Vladimir (4), and Diego (3).
  • Then, I visited Diego (12), Vanessa (13), and Valeria (19), who are from Angangueo.
  • I also met Claudia (14) and Janette (13), high up at one of our best viewpoints in town.
  • Lía (15), Zamara (16), Paulina (10), and my daughter Laura Emilia (14) were next. Lía and Zamara were born in Angangueo, but now live in México City and Toluca City. Every weekend their families return to Angangueo to be with their larger families and share traditions.
  • Last, I visited Leonardo (12), Pepe (11), Raúl (11), Marco (10), and Octavio (10), all attending the Isaac Arriaga Elementary School, one of the oldest schools in town. Marta, Mariana, Grecia, Alejandra, and Antonio go to the same school.

Your local reporter,
Estela Romero, Angangueo, Michoacán, México

Students at the Monarch Butterfly 's winter home in Mexico.
School Home Monarchs
Students at the Monarch Butterfly 's winter home in Mexico. Students at the Monarch Butterfly 's winter home in Mexico. monarchs in flight

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