Migration Checklist
Fall, 2003
This Checklist Must be Completed & Enclosed With Your Butterflies!
This Checklist is NO LONGER VALID!- Please Visit the Checklist for the CURRENT YEAR!
Fall 2006
We Are Registered for Journey North
  (New participants only. If you are already registered, DO NOT register again!) We must have e-mail addresses should we need to contact participants. Registration is free. One registration covers all Journey North activities. Click Here to Register.
I Understand What to Expect
  I have carefully read the Travel Advisory. I understand the spirit and realities of the Symbolic Migration and still choose to participate.
Our Butterflies are Made According to These Instructions. They:
  Are no larger than 1/2 piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11") (See template)
Are made entirely from paper. (Please use recycled paper!)
Are flat, not 3 dimensional, and have no 3D decorations
Each has the first name or school name & full address of sender, clearly typed ( if using a stamp--make sure your entire address it's legible!)
Has appropriate messages of support and gratitude to Mexican students, clearly typed (See sample Spanish Phrases)
SMEnv1Our Fall Mailing Envelope (click on example):
  Measures at least 12" X 15" (No boxes), with enough postage
  Contains no more than 30 butterflies. (1 envelope per 30 butterflies.)
Shows the exact number of butterflies enclosed, written on the front.
  Contains a self-addressed return envelope for spring. (See size requirements below.)
Is addressed to: "Send a Monarch 2003" c/o Journey North, 19130 Highland Ave., Wayzata, MN 55391 USA (Caution: Use this address for Fall, 2003-and as return address on enclosed envelopes-ONLY!)
Is postmarked by the October 14, 2003 deadline.
Our Spring Return Envelope is Enclosed (click on example):
  It is legibly self-addressed (Our own school's full address is clearly written on the front.)
  It has Journey North 2003 return address clearly written in the upper left hand corner of the envelope)
It shows the exact number of butterflies we sent, written on the front.
  It has U. S. (or Canadian) stamps affixed, with adequate postage for the return trip from MN --minimum $2.00
  It is BIG (not smaller than 12" x 15"), so 30 butterflies can fit inside next spring. (We hate to wrinkle and fold butterflies!)
It has no tape covering the stamps, and DID NOT use a postage meter
Our Support for Monarch Butterfly Conservation in Mexico is Enclosed. (Optional, but we hope for 100% participation this year. Please do whatever you can to help!)
An optional donation for the Monarch Butterfly's winter home is enclosed.
  Our check is payable to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation
  Our name and school are written on the check (so we can be thanked).
The outside of our fall shipping envelope proudly proclaims: "We're Helping Monarchs!"