Signs of Spring: April

Depending on your location you'll experience spring unfolding on its own timetable. Typical things for the passing weeks of spring are shown on the calendar below. Click and enjoy!

Week 1

Photo by Ann Cook
Red-winged Black Birds
Females Back on Territory

Move Like the Birds! Join Students in Birdbrain: an Online Navigational Dance Project!
Leaf Out
Participate in Journey North's Leaf-Out Study

Week 2

See a toad-ally terrific tongue in action!

Meet endangered Leptos following a nectar trail.


Week 3

What do they imitate?

Tundra Swans
Swans are on the move.


Hot from the tropics to your backyard
Week 4

Predators are streaming north!


Current Temps
CelebrateEarth Day
How are human population and ecosystems linked?

Barn Swallows
Nesting in high places...

Get Ready to Greet Them
Week 5

Mayfly Adult



They're hatching out
everywhere, providing
food for hungry birds.


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