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Rocky Mountain Robins
The Early Bird Has No Worms!
Make Predictions: In which direction(s) do you think robins migrate in the spring?

Word Meanings: Ask, When the author says that some robins migrate "upwards," what did you think she means?

Critical Thinking: Discuss: How do robins know when it's time to migrate? How do you think migrating helps robins meet their basic needs?

Science Inquiry: What did the scientists in this story wonder? How did they try to answer their question? Were they successful in doing that? Explain.

Comparisons: What could be the advantages of robins arriving on breeding grounds earlier than usual? What could be the disadvantages?

Making Connections: What do you think scientists know about climate change? What do they predict? What do you think they wonder?


Discuss: What questions do you have about our changing climate and its affect on living things?

Discover: Find out what actions you can take to help stop global warming.


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