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Teaching Suggestions
The Robin's Annual Cycle
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Blah blah Use this slideshow to explore this essential question:

Essential Question
What is the annual cycle of the robin?

Set the Stage for Learning

1. Preview the slideshow. Ask questions to assess prior knowledge:

  • When do baby robins leave the nest?
  • The title is "Summer School for Fledglings." What do you think fledglings need to learn?
  • What do mother and father robins do when fledglings leave the nest?
images of annual cycle
2. Preview images in the photo gallery. On large chart paper, post the essential question: What do fledglings need to learn? Have students make pre-reading predictions based on details they see in the photos.
Viewing the Slideshow

As a class, read through the slideshow together. Stop occasionally to spotlight key words and ideas or ask questions. Encourage students to share their own questions sparked by the information and images.

An optional booklet version is also available for partner or at-home reading.

Revisit for Understanding

1. Mark up the text. Have students reread the text-only version of the slideshow with a partner, underlining important ideas and circling key words. Challenge them to use the word cards to summarize main ideas and details.

2. Create an observation guide. Use the three-column chart to explore the distinctive characterisitics and behaviors of robins in these stages: nestling, fledgling, and adult. Examine photos and use research materials to collect facts for the chart. This link can help you get started:

When the chart is complete, it can be adhered to the inside cover of a field notebook as a helpful observation guide.

image of word cards

Word Cards

Image of chart

Observation Guide

Wrap Up

Assess understanding and encourage reflective thinking with questions like these:

  • Why is it important to understand the needs and behaviors of fledglings we see in our backyards?
  • How could we help other people learn more about nestlings, fledglings, and adult robins?

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