Journey North Slideshows and Booklets for Kids

Looking for an easy hands-on entry into Journey North? These printable nonfiction booklets and slideshows support standards as they explore the "basics" and compelling topics at simplified reading levels. Just download, print, and assemble booklets to put into kids' hands or share as read-alouds. You can also set up the matching slide shows on computers, or project them for the entire class. (Note: Slideshows are formatted for the Web; booklets are .pdf files.)

The Basics
Where Are Our Robins?
What Do Robins Eat in the Wintertime?
Welcome Spring!
Earthworms and Robins Return
Will a Robin Choose Your Neighborhood?
Additional Topics
Baby Robins:
Welcome to the World!
A Young Robin's Adventure
Rocky Mountain Robins: The Early Bird Has No Worms!