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Wings of Life
A Film that Captures Pollinators in Action

The new film, Wings of Life, presents an up-close view of the crucial partnership between flowers and pollinators. Spectacular slow-motion and time-lapse photography is shot from the vantage point of butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and bats.

Free for Educators
Use the video clips below to inspire students to explore the intricate world of flowers and pollinators. For lessons and activities, download the outstanding 26-page Educator's Guide.

Essential Question
Why are pollinators vital to life on Earth?


Wings of Life Educator's Guide
Video Clips

Clip: Wings of Life Trailer
Film Trailer

Clip: Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies
Clip: Hummingbird

Support for Conservation
To celebrate Wings of Life, Disneynature has made a contribution to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) to protect pollinators worldwide. The DWCF has already supported more than 20 projects across North America focused on protecting pollinators and their habitats.

Available for Purchase
The full-length film is available for purchase from Disneynature.

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