Spring Migration
A Journey Driven by Needs

Little Egg, Big Hope
Find the monarch egg. The tiny white egg not much bigger than the head of a pin. A single monarch butterfly can lay hundreds of eggs.

Laying Eggs as She Migrates
During spring migration, a female monarch leaves a trail of eggs behind her as she travels. The eggs will become adult butterflies and complete the migration later in the spring. They will be the children of the monarchs that spent the winter in Mexico.

Finding Eggs on Milkweed
"Eggs galore!" exclaimed Carol Cullar. Her friend found 56 eggs on 5 milkweed plants in southern Texas. How many eggs can you count here?

Laying Eggs for the Future
Without a new spring generation of eggs, we would not have monarchs within a few short weeks. Monarchs only live for a few weeks after they begin to reproduce.

A Life's Journey
By the end of April, the monarchs that overwintered in Mexico will have reached the end of their lives. A new generation will complete the migration.

A New Generation Begins
In one short month, the egg becomes an adult butterfly. This generation of monarchs continues the journey north.

Spring is a Critical Time for Monarchs
Monarch numbers are at their lowest point at this time of year. The old generation is dying. A new generation must grow and survive. When and where will monarchs travel to find what they need this spring? Track their migration and report your observations.