Do You Know a Monarch?
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Words Related to Monarch Identification
Build understanding of key concepts by exploring these vocabulary words in the context of monarch identification.

Abdomen (noun): third, most posterior segment of monarch’s 3-part body; located after the thorax

Antennae (noun): pair of slim, segmented sensory organs, sometimes called feelers, found above the mouthparts on the head of the monarch; singular form—antenna

Anterior (adjective): at the front end

Field Marks (noun): physical features or behaviors of an organism that can be seen clearly and can be used to distinguish the organism from other similar species

Forewings (noun): the anterior or front pair of wings

Head (noun): first segment of monarch’s 3-part body containing eyes, antennae, and mouthparts

Hindwings (noun): the posterior or rear pair of wings

Posterior (adjective): at the back end

Scales (noun): tiny, flattened modified hairs that cover the wings of butterflies and moths. The different colors and arrangements of these scales are what give butterfly and moth wings their different colors and patterns. In butterflies, scales are usually arranged like overlapping shingles on a roof.

Thorax (noun): the middle segment of the monarch’s 3-part body; located between the head and abdomen, the monarch’s legs and wings are connected to this muscular middle segment.

Wing margin (noun): outer border of the wings

Wingspan (noun): total distance between the tips of the forewings when the wings are held open

Wing veins (noun): thin, hollow, tubular structures in the wings of insects that provide structural support to the wings. The front edge of the forewings contains the strongest and most important vein in the wings.

Venation (noun): the pattern and arrangement of veins on the wings.

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