How Do Monarchs Find Milkweed?
Find the Facts: A Pre-viewing Challenge
Teaching Suggestions

Monarchs must find milkweed among all of the plants that grow in the spring. How do monarchs find milkweed? Before reading the slideshow to find answers to this question, can you find the facts in the statements written below? Make predictions by placing a star next to the statements you think are true. Then, read the slideshow to check your predictions and find the facts about how monarchs locate milkweed plants.

1. A female monarch must find mature milkweed plants for her eggs.


2. Monarchs use visual and chemical cues to find milkweed.


3. When the female monarch lands on a plant, she uses sensory organs on her feet and head to tell whether or not the plant is milkweed.


4. People and monarchs sense chemicals in the environment with special structures called chemoreceptors.


5. Antennae and wings have chemoreceptors that help monarchs detect plant chemicals.


6. All six of the female monarch’s legs have chemoreceptors.


7. Monarchs can see in all directions at the same time.


8. Monarchs cannot see colors.


9. Milkweed plants cannot defend themselves from herbivores, like monarchs.