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Guiding Questions
for Exploring Connections Between Temperature and Survival


  • What day and nighttime temperatures would you experience in the overwintering regions?
  • How do changing temperatures affect overwintering monarchs?
  • How do cold-blooded monarchs adapt to changing temperatures and other weather conditions?
  • Why do you think January and February are critical months for overwintering monarchs?
  • What temperatures and weather conditions can put monarch survival at risk?
  • How do the forests in Mexico protect overwintering monarchs?
  • How do the forests protect monarchs from changing temperatures and other weather conditions?
  • What temperatures are dangerous for overwintering monarchs?
  • Why is a balance between warm and cold temperatures important for overwintering monarchs?
  • How are stored lipids related to temperature and survival?
  • What temperature-related challenges do overwintering monarchs face, especially in January and early February?
  • How do you think temperatures inside and outside of the forests compare?
  • If you walked through a monarch colony on a clear January day, what temperatures could you expect to find?
  • If you visited the colony at night, what temperatures could be expected?
  • If you visited the monarch colonies in Mexico during the month of January, how would you dress for temperature and weather conditions?
  • What adaptations help monarchs survive during overwintering months in Mexico?
  • How do warm temperatures affect overwintering monarchs?
  • How do cooler and cold temperatures affect overwintering monarchs?

Capture Your Thoughts and Questions
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