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Read About Monarchs

Print and read these nonfiction booklets.

Stories from Mexico

Read About Life in the Monarch Sanctuary Area

Observe Monarchs
Life Cycle and Spring Migration
Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Annual Cycle Graphic Puzzle Page: The Monarch Butterfly's Annual Cycle
The Life Cycle
Puzzle | Diagram
The Annual Cycle
The Annual Cycle
Annual Cycle Puzzle
Monarch Butterfly Hatching from Egg A Dozen Butterfly Eggs Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar
Monarch Butterfly Hatching from EggHatching A Dozen Eggs Monarch Butterfly CaterpillarCaterpillar Feast  Label the Larvae

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar
What Are These? Keeping Cool in Texas What's Happening? Have You Noticed?
Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly CaterpillarFeast009
Monarch ButterflyA Butterfly is Born Monarch Mystery Photo Larva Locomotion Do You See Two?
Monarch Butterfly WIngs
Photo: Raul Gonzalez
Monarch Butterfly WIngs CaterpillarFeast009 Monarch Butterfly
Magnified wing! Monarch Wings Grow Fast Enough?  Traveling too?
Who's Who? Feeding a Butterfly    
Fall Migration
Monarch Butterfly with Tag Historic picture of students tagging monarch butterfly.
Tagged Monarchs Symbolic Monarchs Making History Why Leave Now?
Monarch Butterfly Blown to England
Why Form Roosts? Blown to England! Tagged Monarch Found!
How High?
Monarch butterflies feeding in pecan trees in Texas How Much Fuel Do Monarchs Burn? Field Trip in the Sky FlightPowered12
Food Chain Mystery How Much Fuel? Field Trip in the Sky Flapping Flight
Road sign in Mexico along monarch migration route. How does basking warm a butterfly? Monarch Butterfly Identification Monarch Butterfly Winter Sanctuary Region Map
Drive Carefully! Basking How Many Monarchs? Fly Like a Butterfly
Overwintering in Mexico
Video Visit Photo Gallery Predator Clues No Food?
American family experiences cold winter nights in Angangueo

Can You Find
the Monarch's
Winter Home in Mexico?

(Click on the globe)

Who's Eating Monarchs? It's Cold in Mexico! Cold Winter Nights
Satellite view of monarch butterfly sanctuary ElRosario0080ElRosario0080  
People and Monarchs Comparing Clusters    
Stories from Mexico
People and Monarchs Sharing the Forest
Monarchs are Mariposas A Day in the Life Life on the Ranch


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