Domestic Uses of Wood
A Ranch Tour With Noemi's Dad

Before Viewing
  • Brainstorm with your class: How many different ways do you suppose Noemi's family uses wood?
  • You will hear Noemi's father speaking in Spanish. Prepare to listen carefully to the Spanish words, and see if you can write any new words in your notebook.
After viewing:
  • How many new uses did you find in the video and/or story?
  • Were there more or fewer than you predicted?
  • Which surprised you the most, and/or is the most different from your own family's uses of wood?
  • Read the transcripts in English and Spanish. Then listen again to hear how the words are pronounced.
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National Science Education Standards

Life Science
Humans depend on their natural and constructed environments. Humans change environments in ways that can be either beneficial or detrimental for themselves and other organisms. (K-4)

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Resources are things we get from living and nonliving environment to meet the needs and wants of a population. (K-4)

National Geography Standards

Places and Regions
The physical and human characteristics of places.