Domestic Uses of Wood
A Ranch Tour With Noemi's Dad

English Transcript

1. We use this wood to make troughs, which are for watering the animals during hot weather.

2. This is called a cart. The cart is used to accommodate large quantities of hay bales. The cart is lifted with the yoke; it’s then placed on the animals and the animals transport it far away.

3. This wood comes from the same place. It fits well on a bull; you stick the bull right here…and here. Pay attention to this example: this is the way the bull goes, and the other over here.

And in the cart you hang on right here, so the bulls go carrying and pulling the cart.

4. This is called a ladder, also made of the same type of wood. We place it like this and it’s useful for us to climb up little by little—so that we can then put this wood here on the roof….(he hammers)…There it goes! –And so it works.

5. This wood here is used for the bathroom, or latrine, for the waste of the entire family.

6. We’ve used this type of wood for the garage, or the house, of our little car. [It’s there so that] the sunny weather doesn’t cause it to lose its paint. And in the fierce rains the roof covers the little car from the rain.

7. This wood I want to use for making my food. I chop it up. And this wood I also use, right now while it’s very cold outside, to heat myself. With this wood I can feel relaxed, without any cold. And then the only thing left—these little chips of wood-- I use for the stove, in order to make my food.