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Exploring Dew and Frost in Your Neighborhood

Did You Know . . . ?

  • What do you observe when you pour a glass of iced tea on a hot summer's day?
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    The air next to the cold glass can't hold as much water vapor as the warm air does, so it condenses . . . just like dew!
  • As more and more water vapor freezes to form frost, the crystals grow into interesting patterns!
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    How could these crystals affect plants and animals?

You can find the dew point! (This is the temperature at which dew will form.) Here's how:

  1. Fill a glass jar half way with water.
  2. Measure the water temperature.
  3. Slowly add ice cubes; stir gently with the thermometer.
  4. When you see "dew" (condensation) on the outside of the jar, record the water temperature.
  5. That is the approximate dew point at that time in your environment.
    Is it close to what this Weather Channel Map reports?


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