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Windshield Watch
Exploring Dew and Frost in Your Neighborhood

Other Questions to Explore

What do you wonder about dew and frost? Try setting up investigations to try to answer your questions, or choose one of the following:

  • Does dew or frost form on all types of outdoor surfaces? (For instance, soil, plants, glass, wood, and metal?) If not, what patterns do you notice? How would you explain them?
  • Does the distance of an object from the ground affect the likelihood that it will be frosted or the amount it receives?
  • What time of evening does dew or frost tend to form, or does it vary? How would you explain that?
  • Will dew or frost form on a car or other surface if it is covered by a piece of cloth or cardboard?
  • How are different types of garden plants affected by frost?
  • Can dew help certain animals survive in specific habitats? If so, how?


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