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Greeting from Jordi Honey-Rosés

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Jordi Honey Rosés from Sunnyvale, California and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. He joined World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Mexico City in November of 2001 and since has been privileged to join the trinational conservation efforts to protect the overwintering habitat of the Monarch Butterfly.

As the Monarch Butterfly Program Officer at the World Wildlife Fund, Mexico, Jordi has been responsible for the daily management of the program, the signing of the Trust Contract, and the creation of the Fund monitoring system.

When not chasing after Monarch Butterflies, Jordi enjoys triathlon training and reading about Mexican and European history. He has a dual B.A. in Political Economy and History from the University of California, Berkeley.

Transcript of Greeting:

"Hi my name is Jordi Honey-Rosés and I'm working for World Wildlife Fund here in Mexico on monarch butterfly conservation and forest protection.

"The main project here with World Wildlife Fund is the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund which was established in 2000 during the creation of the new protected area.

"The idea, simply put, was to convert logging permits into trees, and doing that by helping the communities that previously had logging permits and paying them for no longer logging. We also want to work on reforestation and also law enforcement. Because even though planting trees is important we feel it is important to also project the 60 or 70 year old trees that are already standing."

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At the Sierra Chincua Monarch Sanctuary


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