Record Flight to Mexico

Canadian Monarch Has Flown the Farthest

Don Davis of Toronto, Canada has tagged thousands of monarchs. He wrote to share some exciting news in spring 2001:

A monarch that was tagged on Grand Manan Island, in New Brunswick, Canada, was recovered in the sanctuaries in Mexico! The monarch was tagged on August 19, 2000, and recovered on March 9, 2001.

Mr. Davis received a letter from Dr. and Mrs. Urquhart in which they said:

"This is the longest record by far of all the flights of migrating monarchs that we have ever recorded. We have always wondered where the monarchs from the eastern coast of Canada migrated and this is our first record."

Of all the monarchs recovered in Mexico, this one has flown the farthest. How far did the monarch fly from Canada to Mexico? Look at a this map and measure the distance.

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