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Arkansas Monarch Found Six Miles From Home
(More True Stories About Tagged Monarch Butterflies)


Maybe you have said good-bye to a monarch lately, and sent it on its way to Mexico. Here is a true story from students in Arkansas. Their good-bye was not their last encounter with their monarch:

09/26/02 Monticello, AR
"My class and I released two butterflies yesterday at 3:00 p.m. that we had caught earlier in the day.
Later, about 6:30, one of my former students found one of them at her house which is about 6 3/4 miles from my classroom!

"She noticed that it was tagged, wrote down the number, and called her biology teacher to see if it was one of his. When it wasn't, then he contacted me to see if I had tagged it. We were so excited to have one of our butterflies spotted."

Journaling Questions
  • Assuming the butterfly flew the entire time, how many miles per hour did the Arkansas monarch travel? (Try the math yourself, then check our answer.)
  • What information do you know about monarch migration from this story?
  • What information is missing? If you could talk to these students, what would you ask?

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