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Scientific Observation
(For Teacher Reference)


In this column, students write descriptive words and phrases about specific photos they examine.

Encourage them to "think like a scientist" and capture observable clues that help them learn about overwintering monarchs.

What clues in these photos could help us learn about how monarchs survive in their winter habitat?

What details can you find in different photos to describe weather conditions?


In this column, students record their thoughts, questions, and “I wonder…” statements inspired by their photo tour. Challenge students to think about “Who, where, what, when, why, and how..?” questions.

“I was surprised that…”

“I wonder why…?”

“I wonder how…?”


In this column, students write possible explanations for what they observe in the photos.

After observing natural events, scientists try to explain what they have seen by forming a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a possible explanation. How do you think your observations could be explained? Write a hypothesis.

What might explain what you noticed in this photo?

Why do you think…?

How do you think monarchs survive in these unique forest regions?