Comparing Spring Monarch Migration Patterns
(1997 to present)

How does the monarch's spring migration compare from one year to the next? The migration maps below show when and where people saw the first monarch of spring. Review the maps and answer the questions below.

(Click face of map to enlarge.)

Spring 2008 Spring 2007 Spring 2006
Spring 2005 Spring 2004 Spring 2003

Spring 2002

Spring 2001

Spring 2000

Spring 1999

Spring 1998

Spring 1997

Try This:

  • Describe the ways that the migrations similar from one year to the next.
  • How are they different? Describe.
  • List all the factors you think might cause the migrations to be different from one year to the next.
  • List all the factors that might cause the data to be different from year to year. Review the lesson, "You're the Scientist: Verifying Data Collected by Peers." Have a classroom discussion, and make a list of questions generated in your class.
  • What do the maps tell you about monarch migration?
  • What don't they tell you?


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